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MultiAR Project

Michael Pekel, Ofir Elmakias

Supervised by Dr. Matan Sela


An augmented reality real-time multiplayer where the player is literally part of the game;
he can fight creatures or other real players, do quests together and interact indoor and outdoor.
The project was based on the Google Tango platform - acquiring data about the environment (walls, planes)
in real time and a precise (less than 1 meter) relative position.

The game mechanism includes:
‣ Full multiplayer ecosystem - client\server udp communication.
‣ Physics - walls/planes interaction.
‣ Shoot-Hit mechanism - the real players collider position is calculated in real-time as long as the bullet trajectory.
‣ Single player quests + collaborated puzzle quests.
‣ Integration with Google Daydream controller.
‣ Single & stereo ("dual screen VR") modes.

Many thanks for our supervisors & supporters:
Yaron Honen, Boaz Sternfeld, Matan Sela and Alexander Porotskiy.

The demo clip could be found at:

Project MultiAR Project Picture 1
Project MultiAR Project Picture 2
Project MultiAR Project Picture 3
Project MultiAR Project Picture 4
Project MultiAR Project Picture 5
Project MultiAR Project Picture 6
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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Please, see demo clip.

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