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Generating 3D Colored Face Model Using a Kinect Camera

Rotem Mordoch, Nadine Toledano & Ori Ziskind

Supervised by Matan Sela and Yaron Honen


The constant development of cheap depth cameras, together with the ongoing integration of them on mobile devices, offers the potential of many new and exciting applications covering various of different fields. This includes personal everyday use, commercial objectives and medical solutions. In our project we propose a system which allows the user to easily create a colored 3D facial model of its own. The objective of this project is to build a user-friendly system for generating a 3D colored facial model. The solution we offer combines open source techniques for face detection in an image and a 3D reconstruction algorithm. We integrate these techniques to create a common algorithm which produces our goal. The system we have built uses depth camera stream to capture a subject’s face on each frame, and uses this information to generate a high quality colored 3D facial model. We demonstrate our results and optimizations to the solution, and offer possible future opportunities to continue our work.


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