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Freehand Voxel Carving Scanning on a Mobile Device

Alex Fish 

Supervised by Aaron Wetzler


3D scanners are growing in their popularity as many new applications and products are becoming a commodity. These applications are normally tethered to a computer and/or require expensive and specialized hardware. Our goal is to provide a 3D scanner which uses only a mobile phone with a camera. We consider the problem of computing the 3D shape of an unknown, arbitrarily shaped scene from multiple color photographs taken at known but arbitrarily distributed viewpoints using a mobile device. The estimated camera orientation and position in 3D space obtained from publicly available SLAM libraries permits us to perform a 3D reconstruction of the observed objects. We demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a good 3D reconstruction on a mobile device.

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S.M. Kutulakos, K.N.and Seitz. A theory of shape by space carving. In Computer Vision, 1999. The Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on IEEE, 1999..

W.E. Lorensen and H.E. Cline. Marching cubes: A high resolution 3d surface construction algorithm. In Computer Graphics, Volume 21, 1987..


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