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3D Stereo Reconstruction Using iPhone Devices

Ron Slossberg and Omer Shaked

Supervised by Aaron Wetzler


Stereo Reconstruction is a common method for obtaining depth information about a given scene using 2D images of the scene taken simultaneously by two cameras from different views. This process is done by finding corresponding objects which appear in both images and examining their relative positions in the images, based on previous knowledge of the internal parameters of each camera and the relative positions of both cameras. This method relies on the same basic principle that enables our eyes to perceive depth. In this project we have implemented a completely mobile 3D stereo reconstruction system built from two iPhone 4S devices, by using them both to capture the images and perform all of the required computational processes. The iPhone app we have developed enables to perform both the calibration process for obtaining the required intrinsic and extrinsic parameters and the stereo reconstruction process itself. The Computer Vision algorithms we have used for both calibration and reconstruction processes were all provided by OpenCV C++ libraries.

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