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Printed circuit boards detection and image analysis

Giorgio Tabarani and Roi Divon

Supervised by Amir Adler


In recent years and with recent events in the country, arose the demand to be able to identify printed circuit boards taken by the Israeli Police in crime scenes in order to connect between cases and identify the source of these boards hoping to avoid similiar and unpleasant incidents in the future.

The police takes snapshots of printed circuit boards from every crime scene, mostly distorted circuits due to burns or fractures, and tries to identify their origin from manual inspection and by guessing.

In this project we were asked to develop a basic system which can perform the aforementioned identification automatically given a picture of a shred and a database of pictures of circuit boards which usually appear in crime scenes.

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Project Report

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Note: Running the sift code requires VLFeat library to be loaded manually.

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Data set is not available for public due to confidentiality reasons.

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