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Brain 3D Anatomy

Tom palny, Shani Levi and Nurit Devir

Supervised by Yaron Honen, Boaz Sternfeld, Omri Azencot and Hagai Tzafrir


Our system consists of three main parts:

The first one is to receive a 3-dimensional matrix represents the MRI scan of the brain. We used Matlab in order to create 2-dimensional images from the given matrix. Each image was saved as a PNG file and represent a specific slice of the brain.

The second part is to load the images into Unity and create a 3-dimensional object from them. In Order to build this object, we used the Ray Marching algorithm.

The last part was to implement the ability to present the object in virtual reality using HTC vive and allow features which will give the user the feeling of the 3-dimensional object.

Our project supports the following features:

• Rotating – rotate the brain using the handheld controller.

• Cutting – Cut the brain along the three X, Y and Z axes.

• Zoom – zoom in and zoom out.

• Reset button – turn back to the initial model.

• Masking – emphasize different parts of the brain according to the user choice: The user can choose one of the two options representing the parts he wants – color it or remove the unwanted parts and see only the wanted one. After using the presentation way, the user can choose the specific part in which he is interested.


Please, see project papers.

Project Brain 3D Anatomy Picture 1
Project Report

Please, see project report.

Final Presentation

Please, see final presentation.


Please, see demo clip.

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