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To conduct theoretical and applied research in geometrical image processing, three- dimensional data analysis, image and video manipulation using dictionaries and sparse representations, to promote the research of faculty members, to educate students in the laboratory research areas while collaborating and joining forces with the industry.


The laboratory was founded in 1998 by Prof. Ron Kimmel


The Geometrical Image Processing Laboratory is located in the Computer Science Department. Five faculty members conduct their research in the areas (partial list) of: Three-dimensional acquisition methods, three-dimensional face recognition, model based image compression, video and image enhancement, segmentation and analysis in video and medical images, tracking, and model based image reconstruction. Research projects as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses are conducted by approximately 40 students at all academic levels. The laboratory chief engineer Mr. Honen manages and coordinates the laboratory activities with the support of two part time software engineers and an assistant administrator.

At the laboratory one could find machine vision and optical equipment that assists the students to develop platforms by which they explore and investigate innovative research problems. The cooperation with industries is well established and many projects are joint with industrial partners and expose both faculty and students to practical challenges. The laboratory collaborates with companies like Intel, General Motors, IBM, Philips, Mediguide, SCD, as well as organizations like Rambam Medical Center, Carmel Hospital, and Israeli governmental departments.

The laboratory involves in numerous consortia in Israel and the European Community (EC) while collaborating with scholars affiliated with research institutes from Israel, Europe, the US and Asia.


Create a world excellence center in the fields of geometrical image processing, three-dimensional analysis of geometric structures, and model based image and video processing and analysis. While these are emerging fields, competent undergraduate and graduate students are wiling to overcome the difficulties involved in these fields that require strong mathematical background with knowledge of other complementary disciplines (such as optics, visual sensors, and more). These students become next generation technology leaders and scientists. The road towards excellence is supported by the laboratory engineering staff and a suitable budget to maintain this support.

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