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Bounce It

Michal Guttmann and Amit Shuster

Supervised by Boaz Sternfeld , Yaron Honen


We developed a VR game which was inspired by several games including BBTAN by 111% - Mobile game, Hurl VR – VR game and Let's Bounce – Arcade game.
Our application simulates several environments with diverse difficulty levels. In each level, you have colored cubes organized in a different configuration. The player’s main goal is to throw balls at the cubes and hit all the colored cubes on the level, by hitting a cube, the cube is turned black. The more balls the user used the less score the user will get, namely, the user strives to minimize the number of used balls.
Score diverse from 1 to 3 stars while 3 stars are the best. The player can enjoy both the game and the VR experience using VR goggles, trackers and gloves. The application gives the player an extraordinary experience that enables him to use several senses in order to get a high score.


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Project Bounce It Picture 1
Project Bounce It Picture 2
Project Bounce It Picture 3
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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