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Aviel Simchi Amit solomon

Supervised by Boris van Sosin Boaz Sterenfeld , Yaron Honen


As the development and usage of VR and AR technologies increased in the last years there isn’t yet a cheap and precise solution for the finger-tracking problem.
In our project, we looked for creating a solution for this problem using IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit) located on the fingertips and the back of the hand. With each IMU we were able to create a 3-dimensional axis system and thus determine the relative direction of the hand and each finger to the ground and to each other.
As the HW team, we provided a glove with the abilities described above and a c# adapter that can be used in unity environment.


Please, see project papers.

Project BGlove Picture 1
Project Report

Please, see project report.


Please, see demo clip.

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