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Shadow Games

Or Eli Pilosof, Rafi Cohen, Yael Tsafrir

Supervised by Yaron Honen, Boaz Sterenfeld


As part of our BSc in Computer Science at the Technion, we heard about the AR experience with HoloLens and wished to try it ourselves.
When we began exploring the possibilities of the HoloLens×”, we recalled one of our favorite childhood TV series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
In Yu-Gi-Oh!, the characters duel each other with monsters, and the monsters are summoned using special cards.
We created our own version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! game, where players use cards from the original card game to summon monsters in AR, and duel against an computerized opponent.
To make the AR experience more alive and real, we added shadows to the monsters in the game, and gave the player control over the direction of the light in the scene.

Project Shadow Games Picture 1
Project Shadow Games Picture 2
Project Shadow Games Picture 3
Project Shadow Games Picture 4
Project Shadow Games Picture 5
Project Shadow Games Picture 6
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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