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Batel Carmona, Mor Eliyahu and Lev Pechersky

Supervised by Yaron Honen, Boaz Sterenfeld


Pacman of thrones is a VR remake of a classic Pacman game, using virtual reality and game of throne motifs.

In our game the user plays as Pacman, who controls the game and movement like the classic Pacman game, but of course we added a few features of our own, now the user can jump, kill the ghosts, and move freely around the maze.

We created a remake of the famous game Pacman in 3D environment for HTC VIVE VR. While developing the game, we tried to add multiple game mechanics in order to give the user a full experience of a true reality.
We managed to create this experience by adding animations of 3D objects, adding many player’s gestures which are closed to the real reality, like: movement, jump and attack.


Please, see project papers.

Project VR PACMAN Picture 1
Project VR PACMAN Picture 2
Project VR PACMAN Picture 3
Project VR PACMAN Picture 4
Project VR PACMAN Picture 5
Project VR PACMAN Picture 6
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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