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Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

Arkadi Gurevich Shahar Zivan

Supervised by Yaron Honen


Navigation inside a large indoor facility such as an office building or shopping mall is a problem that isn't solved by any modern day navigation solutions, due to the imprecise results of GPS based coordinates. In this project we offer a solution based on augmented reality and image recognition.
Our solution is based on using image recognition to find landmarks in the environment such as posters or billboards and learning the user's position relative to them, thus receiving a precise position to base our navigation on.
Our results show this method can give very precise results and allow navigation in narrow corridors and small offices with no mistake, as long as landmark is always inside.
We conclude that this is a viable solution to this problem, although some position-correcting method is required when no landmark can be seen.

Project Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation Picture 1
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