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Deep Breath

Nili Furman

Supervised by Alon Zvirin, Yaron Honen


Chest motion and respiratory volume abnormalities or sporadic breathing rate are often associated with thorax diseases hidden under the human eye radar. Those can range from light and passing conditions to fatal and lifestyle affecting illnesses, which in many cases stay unnoticeable or falsely diagnosed.
Current medical methods of chest motion abnormalities detection often rely on human medic eye observation which might be less accurate and comprehensive as computer vision, and often lead to mistreatment of patients who are unable to be physically present at the examination location due to various reasons: handicap, privacy or mostly - availability.
Our work in the GIP Lab in the Technion Institute strives to provide an innovative, precise and accessible-to-all tool to detect chest motion and breathing abnormalities as seeked by medical doctors and provide the findings as fast as possible, using a 3D camera.


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