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Augmented Treasure Hunting

Ilya Freidkin and Michael Cudryavtsev

Supervised by Roman Rabinovich, Ibrahim Jubran and Yaron Honen


This is a game which uses cutting age technologies of AR. Who will find treasure first? The treasure is a virtual object planted in the previously created 3D point cloud of the scene. Using in-door drones couple of players compete to find treasure. In real-time, players can see the live feed from the drone, along with the virtual objects that are hidden in some parts of the map, and rendered into the camera stream.

How to play?

First we need to make a preparation flight - in this flight we will build and save a point cloud map and decide where to locate our "treasure". Once it's done, each player will load our map with the treasure and will start to search for it using drone which controlled by player from a keyboard. This game can be a multiplayer, each player will search for the treasure from his machine, where was installed our game.

Project Augmented Treasure Hunting Picture 1
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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