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Efrat Israel and Akiva Zonenfeld

Supervised by Amit Bracha


Our project is the product of a collaboration between the Geometric Image Processing Lab (GIP) at the Computer Science department and the Educational Neuroimaging Center (ENIC) at the Technion.
The goal of the project is to create a desktop application that analyzes children’s emotions during virtual classes and indicates the children that express negative emotions in real time. In addition, we provide a log with the emotions of each child during the class, including times that face was not recognized, and statistics of the class emotions as a group. The log is used for research in ENIC.
We track the children along a video using face recognition and image processing tools, and output their emotion using a classifier. We are deploying a state-of-the-art model which was developed by the GIP lab for facial expression recognition on children, RonNet.
Although the name of the project indicates that the video conference must be held in Zoom application, our desktop application can be used with any kind of video conference application as well as with video recording.
In order to track each child as an individual we use text recognition tools and match the reappearing name with the relevant adjacent face and emotion.

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Project Report

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