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Brick Smash VR

Daniel Cohen and Meir Friedmann

Supervised by Yaron Honen & Boaz Sterenfeld


Brick Smash VR is a VR game inspired by the widely popular classic video games Breakout and Arkanoid. Our goal was to take these classics and transform them into an immersive VR experience.
In Brick Smash VR, the player plays the part of the paddle under the bricks in the original games (as if looking up at the bricks needed to be broken). The player has to break all the bricks before time runs out or they run out of balls. They start by throwing the ball, and then the same ball can be caught with either of the in-game hands and rethrown, or can be hit with a racket held in either hand. Furthermore, the player tries to collect points along the way by catching the fragments of bricks they destroy. The game also features several powerups that manipulate the game in several ways (moving the brick walls, gaining extra balls, point multipliers, etc.).

Project Brick Smash VR Picture 1
Project Brick Smash VR Picture 2
Project Brick Smash VR Picture 3
Project Brick Smash VR Picture 4
Project Brick Smash VR Picture 5
Project Brick Smash VR Picture 6
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