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Rate ditorsion optimized tree structures for image compression

Moshiko Elisof, Sefi Fuchs

Supervised by Yehuda Dar


1D and 2D Signals compression using improved tree coding, exploiting similarities of dyadic blocks by merging them into one tree leaf, allowing for adaptive tree-structure.
The studied algorithms compensate for an inherent issue in standard tree-based signal coding - squared blocks which limit the ability to reduce representation bit-cost.
Based on:
[1]Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Compression Algorithms for Piecewise Polynomial Images by Rahul Shukla, Member, IEEE, Pier Luigi Dragotti, Member, IEEE, Minh N. Do, and Martin Vetterli, Fellow, IEEE .
[2]Image compression via improved quadtree decomposition algorithms by E. Shusterman and M. Feder

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