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Anatomy VR

Ksenia Kaganer , Dima Trushinand Adi Mesika

Supervised by Boaz Sternfeld and Yaron Honen


We developed a 3D Anatomic learning application.
Our application assist you in the learning process by creating a realistic Virtual Reality environment.
You can explore all the human body parts in a very detailed level.
Navigate between different body layers, e.g. skin, muscles, bones, internal organs etc. and see all the terminology names of each body part.
In addition, you can walk around the body naturally, have a look at the body from every aspect you want and holding a VR plane that slice the body and get a different anatomic cuts.


Please, see project papers.

Project Anatomy VR Picture 1
Project Report

Please, see project report.

Final Presentation

Please, see final presentation.


Please, see demo clip.

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