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Jungle Escape VR

Lorella Matathia, Tal Albo, Dan Simah

Supervised by Boaz Sterenfeld , Yaron Honen


As part of our B. Sc. in Computers Science, we were curious about the Virtual Reality world. As we tried for the first time the Oculus technology, we immediately thought about the possibilities for a VR RPG game, and the amazing games that could possibly come.

We created an ‘Escape Room’-like game with the emphasis of creating generic building blocks for future VR applications. We truly hope that this game will inspire the next generation of RPG gaming and help with the development of VR application.

Furthermore, we would like to thank to the GIP & CGGC staff, and especially to Boaz Sterenfeld and Yaron Honen.

Project Jungle Escape VR Picture 1
Project Jungle Escape VR Picture 2
Project Report

Please, see project report.

Final Presentation

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