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Adam Elgressy & Dmitry Vlasenko

Supervised by Boaz Sterenfeld , Yaron Honen


Our main goal was to simulate a first person Spiderman experience, using the HTC Vive Pro kit. We also put a goal for our self, to Learn about the new, and evolving world of VR, and gain hands-on experience, with the newest technology, alongside getting to know the Unity environment.
We have successfully made a VR application, which simulates a first person experience, of one of the most famous superheroes of all time, Spiderman. We have made it possible to walk, climb, and swing from a web, being shot from the in-game hand, all while being able to stay stationary, at a one place, but fill like you can explore the whole world.
We have simulated a physics system, which made the experience feel authentic, from the free fall acceleration, to friction with different surfaces, and many more.
We would suggest for future work to be done to add different scenarios, a leaderboard, tutorial room.

Project SpidermanVR Picture 1
Project SpidermanVR Picture 2
Project SpidermanVR Picture 3
Project SpidermanVR Picture 4
Project SpidermanVR Picture 5
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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