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Naama Glicksberg, Guy Lazar

Supervised by Boaz Sterenfeld , Yaron Honen


We are Gai and Naama, students in the last semester in the computer science faculty in the Technion.
When we heard about the project in the lab, which includes building a virtual reality game, we were very excited and decided to choose it.
When we thought of an idea for a game, the idea of Tetris came up - a simple and fun game that has been familiar to everyone for years.
We thought that turning the game into 3D, so that the game cubes are flying around the room in front of the player could be very interesting and fun!


Please, see project papers.

Project VR TETRIS Picture 1
Project VR TETRIS Picture 2
Project Report

Please, see project report.

Final Presentation

Please, see final presentation.


Please, see demo clip.

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