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Procedural Map Generator

Ilana Ben Avraham

Supervised by Yaron Honen


Procedural generation is a method of creating data algorithmically instead of manually.
Procedural map generation is a derivative of this method for creating unending worlds.
Imagine yourself as a character in a video game exploring and traveling through a vast virtual world.. when suddenly, you reach the end of this world, a cliff, if you take one more step you will fall to infinity never reaching the ground.
Procedural Map generation comes to solve this issue and allow you to explore the world without it ever ending around you.
My project allows the player to explore a building which is built in a procedural manner around the player online as it moves. The building is built from basic building blocks that were built in a specialized program. These basic blocks are connected according to a set of rules which was written beforehand.

Project Procedural Map Generator Picture 1
Project Procedural Map Generator Picture 2
Project Procedural Map Generator Picture 3
Project Procedural Map Generator Picture 4
Project Report

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