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AR Surgery Assist

Zahi Cohen, Noy Gini, Adriana Dolgin and Silvan Marti

Supervised by Amit Bracha and Ron Slosberg


The goal of the project is to use the augmented reality capabilities of the HoloLens headset for improving medical surgery process. The main task is to adjust a three-dimensional (pre-prepared) CT model on a patient's lower back, while finding the location and angle at which the model should be allocated, so that it fits exactly to the patient's body and medical procedure.
In this way, it is possible to insert a needle into the right place in the patient's body in a more accurate and simple way than before.
The project extensively uses voice commands, spatial mapping construction, and receiving and processing data from the sensors on the HoloLens glasses, as well as using an ICP algorithm for the purpose of fitting the model onto the patient.

Project AR Surgery Assist Picture 1
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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