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Bike Fit

Rotem Elias and Emmanuel Ferdman

Supervised by Haitham Fadila


Bicycle fitting is a process of adjusting a bicycle for a cyclist. A good bicycle fit is the key to improve cycling. Every cyclist should fit his bicycle to his measurements in order to improve performance, prevent long term injuries and optimize the cycling experience. The bicycle fit creates the connection between the rider’s current physical state and what it is they desire to achieve.

The goal of the project was to create an application that allows to upload a short video of the cyclist riding his bicycle and rank the bicycle configurations. Such ranking should give a good initial indication of the current fitting state. The application is using digital image processing algorithms to detect the rider's body, find the coordinates and calculate the angles. In addition to the height, this information will be used by the software to identify and rate the rider's seating configurations.

Project Bike Fit Picture 1
Project Bike Fit Picture 2
Project Bike Fit Picture 3
Project Report

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