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Further Steps in Precise Shape Completion

Hadas Romov and Yiftach Edelstain

Supervised by Ido Imanuel


In recent reality, people are looking for new ways to connect with each other. Virtual reality can be the new meeting ground for people all around the world. However, capturing a person to view in VR is limited by equipment and capture location. To enable those new applications and usages, we want to achieve a simple setup to enable everyone to participate in this new frontier.
In our project, we have extended the paper "Towards Precise Completion of Deformable Shapes", which uses a prior based approach for shape reconstruction of human partial scans and considers the irregularity of point cloud data structures.
We have improved the network performance in the spatial domain and managed to create better completions using loss function terms and modifications, architectural changes and post processing on the animations. We used elaborate benchmarking and validation tools, to achieve improvements both in quality and quantity.

Project Further Steps in Precise Shape Completion Picture 1
Project Report

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Final Presentation

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