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FindIt - Object Detection and Tracking on HoloLens

Sefi Albo, Bar Albo

Supervised by Yaron Honen, Boaz Sternfeld


FindIt is an HoloLens application for finding objects in home environment. The idea is to help us find missing stuff at home by tracking the objects around us and remember their locations. The app also tracks the objects as they change their location in the room.

The app has 3 modes:

- Scan – scan the room to find objects. This mode's purpose is to initialize the app's knowledge about the objects the user wants to track. The app is taking photos which will later be processed by Object Detection Model to detect the objects in the room.

- View – view the scan results. In this mode, the user can see the detected objects and their location.

- Find – find the objects and track changes. This mode is the main usage of our app. When the user says "Find -Object Name-", a box will appear at the exact same place as the real object. Also, the navigation system will guide the user to its location.

Project FindIt - Object Detection and Tracking on HoloLens Picture 1
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